Thursday, April 29, 2010

2010 Country Music Festival!

This Sunday (May 2) we kick off our annual Country Music Festival at WKCR. This year's theme is Radio on the Radio, airing mostly live country radio shows from 20s to 50s.

The tentative schedule is as follows:

Sunday May 2
10am - Noon - WKCR radio on radio
Noon - 3pm - WLS National Barn Dance
3pm - 7pm - Grand Ole Opry
7pm - 8pm - Sage Brush Round Up
8pm - 10pm - Carter Family Border Radio
10pm - 11pm - Gene Autry Melody Ranch

Monday May 3
8am - 10am - Hollywood Barn Dance
10am - Noon - WCYB
Noon - 2pm - Dinner Bell Roundup Time
2pm - 4pm - Big-D Jamboree
4pm - 7pm - Chuck Wagon Jamboree
7pm - 11pm - Louisiana Hayride

Tuesday May 4
8am - 10am - Western Party/Cowboy Hit Parade
10am - 11:30am - Mother's Best Flour
11:30am - 1pm - Pee Wee King's Country Hoedown
1pm - 4pm - Ozark Jubilee
4pm - 7pm - Country Music Time
7pm - 10pm - Country Style USA
10pm - 11:30pm - Alex Battles play Hank Williams (Wkcr radio on Wkcr radio)

Overnights will basically be a sampling of lots of great radio shows that we do not have time to devote a whole segment to or that our segments are too short to cover.


Blogger Peter said...

What an amazing Sunday through Tuesday that was! Thanks to all of the WKCR DJ's for airing that treasure trove of material. The accompanying history was excellent, too. Now I have to go read some more, such as the WLS story.

Thanks again.

3:40 PM  

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